Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Broadcast the Nightmare – Twenty Twelve

This is my favorite new metalcore band and one of the best releases (so far) in 2009 in its genre. Twenty Twelve is their first album and it literally will knock your socks off with its immense and refreshing sound. I find it an incredible album to listen to anytime, but it is highly motivational so I often listen to it while working out. Broadcast the Nightmare is different and innovative for a metalcore band and although they use the standard elements of the genre, they do so in an exceptional way. The song structures are interesting and each track takes the listener to a different place, sometimes they utilize clean vocals and progressive elements. The great thing about them is they have not become formulaic; the album is solid from front to back. Unlike Killswitch Engage’s new self-titled album, which is more of the same standard metalcore formula (although it is a decent album), this band has set themselves apart.

They remind me of a lot of really talented metal bands since they are very technical and utilize their highly skilled musicianship to create crushing breakdowns and delicious guitar riffs. August Burns Red comes to mind as a metalcore band with excellent technical elements, but this band does a better job at straying from any formula. The pounding drums are spot on and that’s one of the reasons I recommend listening to this band while pumping iron or doing cardio. I have not seen them live but I bet that they have an explosive and rocking live show that would absolutely churn the mosh pit.

Their vocals are excellent and refreshing in a way I can’t really describe. Their vocalist, Justin Mazlik, has a great range and he varies where he places clean vocals within the strong structure and makes them stylistically different on every song (one song even reminds me of early Poison the Well). Of course, this band is rooted in breakdowns that would make for an incredible live show. If you aren’t a fan of breakdowns then you won’t like this band, although they are closer to Unearth’s style than to the ridiculous ever-present breakdown model of Bury Your Dead (although their new album is far more melodic than their previous releases). The point is that this band blends amazing melodies (in the vein of In Flames) with technical and annihilating breakdowns. This is the reason why I love metalcore so much, this elemental contrast is so compelling and beautiful sounding. They even have progressive and jazz elements in a few parts that are reminiscent of Between the Buried and Me.

I don’t know what else to say about this band except to check them out. I would talk about individual songs but I absolutely love every track. I haven’t been able to find a good site with their lyrics on it so if anyone knows, please link it up. I really like the lyrics in the clean vocals but I haven’t been able to make out the harsh vocals. I’m going to give this Twenty Twelve a 9/10 and certify the album Nasty! I would give them a 10 but I think they have so much potential that they will make an even greater album in the future. I also need to see them live to confirm their awesomeness.


  1. Do they talk about 2012 a lot? What sort of metalcore bands have "concept albums"?

  2. I'm glad you brought that up because I didn't address it. The problem is this band is still pretty underground and I can't find their lyrics anywhere so I'm not sure if it is a concept album. From what I can make out it is typical fatalistic metal themes. Perhaps that's where twenty twelve comes in as the ultimate doomsday. A lot of metal bands like to make concept albums. My favorite right now is Mastodon's Crack the Skye. It is a crazy story about out of body experiences, astral projection and of course Rasputin in Czarist Russia. It's an incredible effort musically as well.

  3. Other bands that have great concept albums are: God Forbid, In Flames, Cradle of Filth, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Dimmu Borgir...etc. Sepultura recently released an album all about A Clockwork Orange called A-Lex. I don't particularly like them but the concept is interesting.